Monday 17 April 2023



My tuning fee maintains at £60 inc. 

Preferred payment is online (BACS), cheque or cash.

I manage to keep my price from increasing by trying to be fuel efficient

and joining up my appointments in approximately the same area.

This area covers from Lowestoft to Felixstowe coastally and approx 30 miles

inland of Aldeburgh (my home base).

Please contact me on my landline 01728 453978 or email:

I will get back to you asap. ( it is difficult during the working day to answer my

mobile phone but I will receive an email immediately).

I am usually contactable on landline on Mondays 9:00am to 5pm doing office work

or evenings/weekends or leave a voice-message. Many thanks, Malcolm. 


Tuesday 8 February 2022

Despite general rising prices my tuning fee will remain at £60 inc.

and I expect to maintain that for at least the next 12 months. 

These days I prefer online payments if possible, otherwise cheque 

or cash. 

Thursday 25 November 2021


I have recently received the third Booster Vaccination and Flu Jab.
Combined with testing and common-sense measures I am confident I am protecting
 my customers and myself from any infections.
I am gradually working through approx. 2 years backlog of tuning appointments
and have been sending out my regular reminder cards.
Please contact me if I have inadvertently missed you or you are 
a new customer.
01728 453978   

Tuesday 23 February 2021

I am pleased to say that I  had my vaccination  over 3 weeks ago and am gradually getting back to business after the New Year Lookdown inline with Government Guidelines.  I certainly will be observing common sense measures such as social distancing and sanitising hands. 

Please contact me via landline 01728 453978 or email 

I do carry a mobile phone but because the nature of my work means I am either driving or working on pianos I ask customers to leave a voice message on my landline (or call me in the evening) and I will contact you directly. I am generally always available all day on Monday, office day.

An email goes directly to my mobile phone and I can get back to you quickly if needed. 

I look forward to seeing all my customers old and new in 2021 and keeping your pianos in fine tune.

Monday 25 January 2021


Indeed I am still in business and have been tuning pianos during 2020.

As we have been through such confusing times I discontinued my reminder postcards for the time being as I certainly don't want to put my customers in an uncomfortable situation and have only responded to requests.  

However in this recent 2021 lockdown I have thought it sensible to suspend house visits for tuning etc.

I have been assured I will get vaccinated in mid-February and will feel more confident to visit.

These precautions are for your safety and mine. During the pandemic I have been taking the recommended precautions of sanitising my hands and keeping social distance when tuning. No refreshments necessary and preferably online payment although I can accept cheques etc. 

Please DO contact me by phone on 01728 453978 or email and I will get to you as soon as it is possible.

I have had to make a small increase in my fee to £60. I haven't put my prices up for a few years and needs must. However I rarely make extra charges for repairs, etc and try to keep as reasonable as is possible.

Thank you for your patience, Malcolm.

Monday 20 November 2017

My actual email address

My email address, which is not published on my Website is: or use the contact form on website:

Wednesday 25 May 2016

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is: "How much does it cost to get my piano tuned"?
The answer is: "I have a standard charge of £55. It is very rarely more than this unless I have to use costly materials or spend a lot more time working on it. Distance makes no difference either"